About us

The Team Candidbeaute presents today its first premium Mink lash beauty collection.

After working hard for over a year, choosing the best, and the most genuine product, we are proud to present to you our breath-taking collection. 

For us, the key is to offer you a natural look, beautiful and attractive, so we present 5 Styles - Check them out, test them and adopt them for your make-up routine, they were designed for you to achieve the styles you prefer. 

The Candidbeaute luxury eyelashes are handmade and handcrafted with the most genuine products ever!!  Comfortable, lightweight, silky; our luxury lashes will amaze you with a nice curve that will define a simply beautiful look!  

The artistic collection of Candidbeaute is also made for professional makeup artists. We believe that beauty is universal and we like makeup that reveals your natural beauty. 

We like to discover your work and we want to discover your beauty so feel free to show us how you achieve your beauty looks with Candidbeaute mink eyelashes (photos, videos, selfies, tutorials ...), we can’t wait to see what you do with our products! 

Join us on our facebook pages, twitter and Instagram. Perfection is yours to define.



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