Precious Paris

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Paris! The beautiful , elegant , precious , macaroons, croissants , cobblestones , its characteristic roofs . Its uniqueness? Its strong women full of confidence, at the forefront of fashion and always with fresh makeup : we were inspired by these women who live in this city and who share the beauty of Paris fashion with the world. Eyelashes are spaced with a feminine flair. Get a more natural look, more fresh, very captivating.

*Homage to the victims of the attacks of 13 November 2015 in Paris

Customer reviews

Published on 2016-03-16

I purchased those cuz it was my first time so i wanted something natural... and to be honest they are lightweight, they gave me just the volume and the length i needed, i even forgot i was wearing them... I will definitly buy more i LOVE them

Jan Rozklad

Published on 2016-03-16

I saw theses beautiful lashes on instagram and i decided to try them, I used to buy Velour and Esqido, but i have to say its really the same quality (or even better than velour and esqido) but cheaper!! I wear them now almost everyday and i'm FEELING MYSELF, this lash is a must in anyone’s collection. This was a good choice for my almond eyes. The delivery was quick i received them 1 day before what it was supposed...Really good service Thanks Candidbeaute's team.

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