Be Delicate 

Pull your eyelashes carefully from their tray with  tweezers, a lash applicator or your fingertips. Handle your lashes from the lash band. Do not pull or tug on the fur.


Measure your lashes against your natural lash line so that they fit the shape of your eyes. Trim if needed from the outer corner of the lash band 
PS: At this time you can use an eyelash curler/apply mascara on your own lashes if you want, we recommend not applying mascara to our Candidbeaute lashes in order to preserve their reusable qualities. 

Apply Lash glue 

Apply your adhesive all along your cotton lash band. You should wait few seconds until the glue becomes sticky on the cotton band. Remember, be careful not to apply any glue on the lashes themselves.

Adhere and secure 

Once your adhesive is tacky, simply apply your lashes to your lash line, according to the preview measurement on your eyes; make sure it fits perfectly and beautifully the shape of your eyes. 
Hold for few seconds while it dries.



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