• Payments and cash

    We accept all major credit cards and All payments on our website are fully secured. Note that for some debit cards Visa, an international tax may apply, the tax rate is determined by your card issuer.

  • Prices

    All the prices are quoted in EUR, USD and GBP and are displayed according to the IP address of your computer.

  • Why would i buy Mink eyelashes rather than synthetic or faux fur eyelashes (false Mink) which are cheaper?

    Because first of all mink suffer no cruelty,  their hair is collected exclusively during their moulting season (which is common); then synthetic eyelashes and eyelashes faux fur (faux Mink) do not give a natural look, but also because you save money by buying eyelashes Genuine Mink, because you can wear them more than 25 times, rather than  synthetics eyelashes and faux mink that you can only use 3 to 5 times.

  • How can I track my order?

    If you created an account on Candidbeaute.com, log in, at the "My Orders" tab, you can easily track the status and history of your order.
    If you have not opened an account with us you will receive an email informing you of the main states of your order (Validation - Shipping- Delivery)

  • Package not received

    Contact your local post office to see if they hold your package or not.
    If you still can not find your package, it can be lost and we can file a claim for lost package for you. Simply contact us.

  • Rewards and redemptions

    We offer points as a reward for each account opened at candidbeaute, as well as to every time you shop. Each purchase entitles you to 10points whatever the amount of the order is. For more information on this topic click here (link of rewards).



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