About our lashes

Our eyelashes are from zoo channels, and we simply asked zookeepers to recycle them, keep them so we can use them to handcraft our eyelashes. The Minks undergo two  moulting seasons, autumn and spring ; This is what allows us to be able to certify so that our lashes are " Cruelty-Free". They were then sterilized to prevent allergies.  Every eyelash production line is carefully hand made. The lashes were treated with the utmost care and respect to offer you beautiful and luxurious lashes with a natural looking finish without causing damage to your natural eyelashes.

Quality is our top priority. Our true upper lashes candidbeaute mink were selected from the best mink hair. Our eyelashes are handmade and treated carefully to be reused many times, and so they last longer than synthetic eyelashes. The sampled eyelashes are then selected, based on their vitality and their softness; we have selected the best quality for you. 

Each style of lashes that we carefully created were designed and personalized according to the taste at the forefront of fashion.  The Cotton Band and  Cotton belt on which the eyelashes were woven, is a special cotton from Egypt, which is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the eyes. 

2week warranty! For the sake of your satisfaction, we offer a full guarantee for 2weeks



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