Discover the secret tool to achieve flawless and photo-ready makeup in seconds

Our products are made for the everyday beauty lover, that's why we created the Beauté Sponge XL. Nowadays, beauty brands make it too complicated and confusing with multiple brushes for different parts of the face and let's be honest, not everyone has the time to clean their brushes after every use and wait for it to dry. The Beauté Sponge can be cleaned after every use with soap and water to kill off any bacteria but there is no need to wait for it to dry as the sponge works best when wet. This creates the perfect glowy base without the streaks that brushes leave behind. Flawless makeup should be for everyone, no matter their makeup skills.  

Achieve flawless and glowy skin with this time saving beauty tool

Our Beauté Sponge is perfect to apply products like foundations or other cream based products seamlessly onto the skin. Whenever you need a natural, minimal finish which looks skin-like and blended into the skin, use our sponge as a time-saving alternative to brushes which tend to tug on the skin. The Beauté Sponge XL isn’t called XL for nothing, when wet it doubles in size, cutting down your makeup application time in half. 

The Beauté Sponge makes blending your makeup easy and quick and doesn’t  leave you looking cakey or leave any makeup sitting in those "nooks and crannys" that no one wants to highlight!

Cut your makeup application in half with our makeup sponge


1. Soak your sponge in water (either warm or cold),

2 Squeeze under the water then remove

3. Squeeze again so that your sponge is damp and has expanded to its full size 

It's no surprise our beauté sponge is loved by so many! Check out Carlee's review below

" I love the giant soft version! It’s so soft and fluffy and the bottom is big so it’s so fast to do your whole face!"

- Carlee

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