Find out how the Powerbrow can help you achieve the perfect brow personalised to you.

We know eyebrows are a tricky subject for many. For the ones struggling to grow out their over-plucked brows from the 90s to the ones with naturally thick brows who struggle to get them even. It's important to embrace what we have and learn how to enhance them, no matter what’s trending. 

We want to help you identify the best style of brows for you and how to use the Powerbrow to personalise and achieve your "perfect brow” because every face is different and one brow does not fit all. 


Trying to ease into grooming your brows? Shadow brows create soft definition and 3D texture, this look is effortless in appearance and application thanks to the Powerbrow. Gently buff brow powder through your brows following your natural shape. Finish with a coat of the Powerbrow for added dimension and fullness. 


You’ve probably heard of the “soap brow” trend which makes brows lusciously fluffy in appearance, the name refers to the technique and not the shape it creates. However, soap can cause skin barrier disruption and irritation when used on the face, especially on sensitive skin. The Powerbrow clear balm holds brows in place but will also visibly give a laminated and groomed effect for the illusion of thicker, bolder brows without the harsh and irritating ingredient soap contains. 

To achieve the look, simply activate the Powerbrow and coat brows by pushing the product through the hairs in an upward motion then using the tapered end of the Powerbrow to press and set the hairs in place. The technique is best suited to those with naturally full and dark brows. That's not to say sparse brows can't benefit, but they may still require some filling in afterwards.



Bold brows can be intimidating and not for every one. This technique is the subtle combination of groomed brows and effortlessly fluffy. Powerbrow creates the appearance of naturally thicker brows without standing out too much. 



Embrace the brows you have and keep them "untouched". This look is effortless, youthful and low-maintenance thanks to the Powerbrow. If necessary fill in sparse areas with your favourite brow pencil. 


At Candid Beauté we believe it is important to look after your brows by using natural and nourishing ingredients to style them - creating healthy and conditioned brows. The Powerbrow doesn't just shape and style the brows it has moisturising ingredients which don't create crusty or flakey looking brows like some gels do.

Brush through brows with a spoolie to start, then shape and fill using your favourite brow pencil. Set the shape in place with the help of the Powerbrow. One coat is all you need for all day to hold and shine.


To achieve the fluffy brow brush your brows on a diagonal angle towards your temple. This instantly lengthens the brows, lifts the arch and creates the fluffy brow style. After filling your brows, brush through using the Powerbrow to set and hold the hairs in place all day

Find out how the Powerbrow has transformed our customers brows

“Wow, Best Purchase Ever”

“My brows have been paper thin since I can remember. Powerbrow Duo is my favourite product to not just thicken, but hold my brows up for a good amount of time. LOVE it!” - Amy 


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