Become a Pro at lash application in seconds!

The one makeup step that most beauty lovers struggle and/or have struggled with at some point, is eyeliner or lash application. So many women stray away from these beauty enhancing steps because they can’t achieve the perfect wing or can't get their lashes to stick. Thanks to Stick Around, these troublesome steps are now as easy as swipe and stick

Our game changing adhesive black liner is a must have in any makeup routine

Stick Around does most of the work for you but to maximise its potential, we advise creating a smooth base for the rest of your eye makeup - this allows all your eye-makeup to wear evenly through the day and night. Stick Around is waterproof and a guaranteed way to make sure you don’t have to worry about having half a wing or your lashes hanging on for dear life. One of the easiest ways to achieve that perfect wing or seamless lash application is to shake well and apply one layer of eyeliner onto your lash line and let it dry for a few seconds. Place our silk natural lashes directly on top of the extra-tacky eyeliner then re-apply eyeliner on the inner eye corner for maximum lash hold and to prevent lifting. Here’s a pro tip we learnt from some makeup artists - apply the liner on a tilted angle and start with light pressure, insuring you achieve the straightest possible line.  

Achieve the perfect liner and lash application with Stick Around

Even if you’re a pro at applying liquid eyeliner, sometimes smudging can happen. But not when your wearing Stick Around, it's super quick drying formula allows you just enough time to securely stick your lashes on and not have to worry about it transferring onto your lids 


“LOVE this!

Easy to use and finally applying my lashes is made easy without any messy tacky glue! This sticks my falsies on all day plus it's a liner, what more could you want"


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