Find out why lashes aren't just for special occasions.


ALL EYES ON ME: All Eyes On Me lashes are the most easy going lashes ever. This long-lasting style can be worn up to 25 times per pair, so you can live in lashes. Natural-looking false lashes 

IN THE MOMENT: Naturally flared, In the moment creates a subtle statement and brings attention to those beautiful eyes of yours. They add to any eye look, without stealing the show.

WHY ARE THEY SPECIAL? Our handmade multi-layered silk lashes have an invisible lash band creating a natural emphasis on your own lashes and comfortable and lightweight feel.  They are 100% vegan & Cruelty Free

HOW DO YOU APPLY THEM? All Eyes On Me and In the Moment can be worn with or without mascara applied to natural lashes. If wearing mascara, apply to your natural lashes first and allow to dry.

Gently lift the outer corner of the lash band to remove the lash from the tray. To avoid any damage to the lash, do not pull directly on the hairs. Measure & trim your lashes as needed  [NOTE: Always trim from the outer corner]. Apply an even coating of Candid's Stick Around Lash Adhesive (sold separately) across the band. Allow 10–15 seconds for the adhesive to become tacky before application. Using a tweezer or your fingers, apply the lash to the outer three-quarters of the eye.

Starting with one eye at a time, apply an even coat of Stick Around eyeliner from the inner to outer corner along the upper lash line. Directly apply your false lash on the freshly drawn liner and adjust as necessary.Repeat on the other eye.

PRO TIP: Peel lashes gently and reuse up to 25x and check the size of the lashes before application and trim if necessary from the outer corners.

REMOVING OUR FALSE LASHES: Gently grasp the outer corner of the false eyelash band, and lift from the outer eye corner to inner eye corner. Replace the lash back in its original position in the lash tray. To maintain the longevity of your Candid lashes, we recommend keeping them stored in a closed Candid lash case. We recommend gently peeling away lash adhesive buildup on the lash band after three to five uses.

Tips & Tricks

  • If the corners of the lashes are lifting, apply more liner directly onto the lash, wait for it dry and press down firm. If the lashes are too big, they will be more prone to lift so you may need to trim the lashes.
  • If you need to adjust the lashes multiple times you may need to re-apply the liner before re-sticking.
  • Remove the eyeliner easily with your favourite non oil based eye makeup remover.
  • Clean your eyelashes lightly with a non oil based eye makeup remover after each use to preserve longevity.
  • Try without mascara to keep your lashes in top condition for maximum reuse! Our lashes can last up to 25 uses with proper care.

Our eyeliner adhesive Stick Around works best on non oily lids! Make sure your eyelids are free from oil by cleansing and priming the lids for best application.

Shake the eyeliner. Draw a full line next to the lash line. Wait for 20-30 seconds. The liner should be sticky/ tacky.

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