Find out why should you switch from soap brows to the Powerbrow

You’ve probably heard of the newest brow trend to sweep the online beauty communities "soap brows" which entails styling your brows using a bar of soap and a spoolie brush - a technique Makeup Artists have used for years backstage at fashion shows and photoshoots and why not, the results look amazing. However...

Achieve thicker and fuller brows with the Powerbrow, unlike soap brows the Powerbrow contains non-irritating ingredients

Joshua Zeichner is a Dermatologist and told Cosmopolitan that you shouldn't just pick up any old bar of soap and brush it through your brows. Bar soap can cause skin barrier disruption and irritation when used on the face, especially on sensitive skin. This is because of the alkaline pH and other irritants, like fragrance. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that soap dries the skin out if not washed off properly and moisturised. Soap is not designed to be left on all day, it creates sensitivity and flakey skin which is definitely not a trend we want to hop on. 

Handbag and bathroom-shelf worthy packaging makes faking the Brow lamination look so much easier!

Our Vogue-approved styling brow balm - The Powerbrow, is a moisturising and conditioning balm that nourishes brow hairs all day long whilst holding them in place, without the feeling of stiffness or the crunchy texture that gels create. The Powerbrow doesn’t just make your brows look naturally thicker and fuller, it can promote hair growth after a prolonged period of use, unlike soap which can cause the brow hairs to fall out, essentially causing a reverse effect. 

Check out our latest Powerbrow review: 

I am completely BLOWN AWAY!

I have zero shape to my brows and never been able to find a product that actually transforms my brows. The Powerbrow completely lifts and nourishes my brows - it never leaves them feeling dry or stiff at all. I have noticed that my brows are in better condition too, they look and feel thicker. BUY IT, you WON'T regret it - the Powerbrow is never going to leave my beauty regime!


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