These insane brow transformations are proof that we can rebound from over-plucking with the Powerbrow

Are you sick of sparse, thin, or unruly brows? Were you a victim of the over-plucking trend? Don’t worry we were too but thanks to the Powerbrow we finally feel good about our brows. The Powerbrow formula helps to promote growth after a prolonged period of time along with its ability to hold brow hairs in place - making the most of the hairs you do have, to give the impression of luscious & fuller brows.

Trends come and go, but full and fluffy brows are here to stay and wLOVE seeing the Powerbrow transformations!


Grace has a beautiful shape but sparse brows, the Powebrow creates the illusion of instantly thicker brows paired with a brow pencil. 


Becky has more brow hair but a thin shape, the Powerbrow made her brows appear naturally fuller and fluffier.

Check out why Susan Yu (@thefashionableceo) thinks having good brows is important and how the Powerbrow makes her feel POWERFUL

"Some CEO’s choose a power tie, others a power lipstick, I prefer power brows. It cuts straight through the patriarchal rules as it’s neither masculine or feminine. Studies show that thicker brows are an indication of better health.”

“I’m always on the hunt for conscious beauty. This product has nourishing ingredients such as coconut & castor oil. More importantly it actually works."

Here at Candid Beauté we know they are more than just eyebrows, they are the  keys to unlocking your confidence, and remember you'd never leave the house with your keys so why leave the house without your Powerbrows.  


1, Just activate the Powerbrow with water or a setting spray,

2. Gently rub over brows for a light coat on the hairs

3. Brush through in an upward direction to create your desired brow shape.

You will be left with effortlessly thicker and fuller brows without any product build up.

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The Powerbrow balm is fast becoming many beauty lovers' go-to brow styler and enhancer for fluffier, thicker-looking brows. After reading countless rave reviews from buyers who’d been blown away by the results, it was clear I needed to dig a little deeper.

And it’s not just customers and beauty bloggers talking about The Powerbrow. The buzz has spread to well-known publications such as VOGUE, who are talking about its wonderful benefits too.


"Fall in love with your brows with The Powerbrow styling balm by CANDID BEAUTÉ. Created to achieve the fluffy, laminated brow look from home. This new, time-saving and money-saving salon alternative also contains ingredients like coconut oil. Visit and follow @candidbeauteofficial to bring brows back to life." - VOGUE

1000s of beauty lovers are achieving professional salon style results at a fraction of the price from home! It couldn’t be any easier or more affordable to up your beauty regime with the Powerbrow. It houses everything you need in a mess-free, travel-friendly and sleek container that is both bathroom-shelf and handbag worthy! 


It's no wonder the Powerbrow has received so many rave reviews. Designed to be left on skin (rather than washed off like soap), it’s free from fragrance, colour, and foaming agents, so won’t lather up, cause irritation, or leave unwanted residue in your brows.

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